Quality Locksmith Service is proud to offer you our complete line of Gardall Safes. From the commercial to the residential application, we are sure to have the right safe for you. We also have a full line of Sargeant and Greenleaf dials to accompany or upgrade your safe selection. The dials can be a dial in rotary, electronic or biometric access.

Our well trained safe technicians can handle any job, whether it be changing a combination, servicing, repair/troubleshooting, installation, anchoring, or retrofitting for a new dial.

We also sell, service, install and open safe deposit box locks.


Quality Locksmith Service provides several different services for your commercial and business needs:
  • Safe Opening
  • Safe Sales, Repair and Installation
  • Safe Removal
  • Safe Dial Sales, Repair and Installation
  • Electronic Combination Dials
  • Biometric Combination Dials
  • Safe Deposit Box Locks Opened, Sold, Repaired and Installed
  • Safe Deposit Box Keys Made
  • Troubleshooting of a Malfunctioning Safe or Safe Product

Safes FAQ

Q: I lost my combination to my safe. What do I do?

A: Quality Locksmith Service can send out a mobile safe technician to gain entry to the safe, and determine the existing combination, or issue you a new combination.

Q: The electronic dial on my safe is not functioning. What do I do?

A: Electronic dials come in a wide variety of styles and brands. Most of the brands are battery operated, so the first thing to do is to check and see if the batteries are still good. Some electronic safe dials have wiring that can become pinched or cut. Check to see if this has happened. If the problem cannot be solved with either of these solutions, Quality Locksmith Service can send out a highly trained and well qualified safe specialist to determine the problem, repair, or replace the existing electronic dial.

Q: I lost the key for my safe deposit box lock. What do I do?

A: Quality Locksmith Service specializes in opening in all types of safe deposit box locks. We have the ability to open the box, replace the box and issue out new keys. Please give a call for more information.

Q: I want to buy a safe, but don’t know much about them. What do I need to know?

A: Quality Locksmith Service sells all types of safes. The first thing you will need to decide on is; do you need this safe to be fire rated? And if so, for one or two hours? The next thing to consider is; what do you want the inside and outside dimensions to be? Another important thing to consider is; do you want a mechanical safe dial or do you want an electronic or biometric safe dial? There are several other features that can go into choosing the safe for you, so please give us a call so that we can help you decide.


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